Telephone helpline

“We understand how the first step towards counselling can seem like a difficult step. We have therefore introduced a telephone helpline where people can contact us and discuss the issues they face, why they need counselling and our staff will also help to arrange and book an assessment for you. The telephone helpline will be active on Thursdays 10am to 3pm and we can be contacted on 0208 9895138”.

“We can all face situations and scenarios every single day, but when you experience these issues who do we speak to? Who do you talk to when you have a problem? It’s wonderful to have friends and family to speak to who can listen and support us. Unfortunately not everyone has that support or we may not always feel comfortable opening up about our issues to friends or family.”

“The telephone helpline is an opportunity for people to speak to us about any issue you face. Please do not feel like you are alone as no one should suffer in silence”.